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Sybil Grace is an American session guitarist, composer, and songwriter on the autism spectrum. Sybil was born on an active volcano and raised in rural Washington State. Her compositions are deeply informed by her unique perspective, roots in storytelling, and a diverse musical upbringing.

From classical to rock, country to progressive rock, Sybil's early musical landscape was a melting pot of genres. She developed a strong affinity for composition, influenced by a wide array of artists. Her influences in composition and songwriting range from Tom Waits and Elliott Smith to Jimmy Webb and Taylor Swift, highlighting her eclectic taste and adaptability.


Sybil began training at guitar at a young age. She attended private guitar lessons from the guitarists at the local music store. By age 13 she was playing guitar in a local rock band and beginning to take her guitar studies more seriously. 

At age 18 Sybil began formally studied guitar under many legends in the guitar education world including Luca Turilli , Zack Uidl, German Schauss, Nili Brosh, and Jenifer Batten. She took private lessons with world-class guitar educators for over 10 years. 

After gaining experience playing in local venues, Sybil made her presence known on a national scale, cementing her reputation as an emerging talent in the field of music composition and songwriting.

In recent years, Sybil has become an endorsed artist with notable guitar brands like B.C. Rich, Ovation, and D'Angelico Guitars. Her expertise also led her to showcase her work at Summer NAMM 2021 in Nashville, hosted by Bog Street.

Currently pursuing her M.F.A. in Music Composition and Songwriting. Sybil is focused on honing her craft further. Her compositions and songs seamlessly blend disparate musical elements, creating a harmonious and impactful experience. They often delve into complex emotional landscapes, exploring themes such as love, loss, and the struggles of everyday life, all while maintaining a distinct, dark undertone.

Notable Milestones:

  • Featured by Ovation Guitars on International Women's Day 2022 alongside renowned musicians like Melissa Etheridge and Kaki King.

  • Two-page interview in Winter 2022 (Issue 22) of Guitar Girl Magazine.

Remaining true to her rural origins, Sybil is inspired by the history and natural beauty of her country. She is committed to contributing a unique voice to the landscape of American music in the 21st century, especially in the domain of music composition and songwriting. Whether in a recording studio or presenting an original composition, Sybil Grace is an evolving icon in the contemporary music composition scene.

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