B i o g r a p h y

Sybil Grace is a guitarist on a mission to help the world grow every day. For over 12 years Sybil has been splitting her professional time between mentoring music students and working as a session guitarist, songwriter, and composer.

As an adult who is living with Autism; Sybil aims to raise awareness and inspire others through her music and visual creations. Currently Sybil is working on a multi-year project to advocate for the rights and needs of autistic people. Her goal is to raise over $100,000 in 2021 for
Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Since February 2021 her supporters have raised over $12,250 for ASAN. If you would like to support Sybil's efforts, consider donating through her gofundme campaign. All donations go directly to ASAN. 

The beauty of the Pacific Northwest has left a permanent impression on Sybil’s aesthetic. Born and raised in Washington State, Sybil spent ample time appreciating the beauty and vastness of the natural world. She actively promotes a lifestyle of appreciation, protection and exploration of the natural universe.

After receiving life changing mentorship from some of the world's top guitar educators, Sybil became motivated to create the best guitar school on the planet. She is actively working on developing the top methods to help her students reach their goals. Visit https://portland-guitar.com for more information about guitar lessons and mentorship from Sybil Grace.

In 2013 Sybil founded Portland Guitar Academy.

In 2018 Sybil was announced as a lead guitarist in USA based Power Metal Band Last Bastion.
In 2021 Sybil was featured in the summer issue of Guitar Girl Magazine. 
In 2021 Sybil joined B.C. Rich Guitars as an official artist.

In 2021 Sybil Joined Ovation Guitars as an official artist.

"The joyful pursuit of music has changed my life, my goal is to share my musical efforts with the world. To express myself and connect with my audience through shared sensation." 

Starting February 1st 2021, Sybil began preforming as a solo artist and releasing Stardew Valley music videos on her YouTube channel. She intends to cover the entire 100+ song soundtrack of Stardew Valley as part of her effort to raise funds for Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Live Solo Performances

2021, Feb 13 - Bonus Stage X - twitch.tv/bonusstagevan
2021, Jul 14,15,16 - Summer NAMM - Nashville, TN

2021, Jul 17 - The Great Escape - Nashville, TN

Sybil Grace Proudly Endorses:

B.C. Rich Electric Guitars & Basses

Ovation Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars

GHS Strings - Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin Strings

Bog Street Picks - Battle Axe Light

Tsunami Cables - Mic, Amp, and Instrument Cables

Grover Musical Products - Tuning Machines, Strap Locks, Capos

Gretsch - Drums Shells & Hardware

Paiste Cymbals - Drum Brass

Fishman - Fluence Modern Pickups

Gruv Gear - Fretwraps, Solo Strap,  Gigblade, Kapsule

Peavey Guitar Amps & Cabs - 6505+Line 6  - Helix + Powercab - Live and Studio Guitar Tones

Furman - Live and Studio Power Conditioners

Her instruments are provided exclusively by Red Blanket Guitars