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Sybil Grace

Full-Stack Developer & UI / UX Designer

A Bit About Me

With over 19 years of combined experience in front and back-end web development, I am deeply passionate about UI/UX Design and Testing. My expertise in languages and frameworks such as React.js, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQUERY, AngularJS, and L.A.M.P., along with my strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming within MVC Frameworks, has allowed me to design and develop custom software platforms, such as the one for Portland Guitar Academy. My work in enhancing user experience is evident in the 18,000+ practice hours logged by students.

Beyond my technical skills, I have a profound passion for computer science, game development, and music. This diverse set of interests drives my creativity and innovation in the tech industry. My freelance development work, coupled with my pursuit of a Master's degree, reflects my dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. As I continue to explore my options, I'm eager to find a company where I can contribute long-term and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Work Experience

July 2019 - Present

January 2015 - June 2019

July 2011 - December 2015

December 2005 - June 2011

Freelance: Music Educational Software Design/Development for Portland Guitar Academy and other clients.

Intel: UX / UI Systems Designs. Performed cross business unit analysis and optimized business processes. Independently designed interfaces to track billions of dollars in assets. I was recognized with an Ethics and Compliance award for my efforts.

Administered CMS web and built browser-based tools for private music schools. Developed CRM & CMS using MySQL, PHP, JQuery/AngularJS with Bootstrap.

Developed user-friendly browser-based applications, managed inventory and user data, interfaced with third-party applications via SOAP APIs. Handled project planning, testing, goal setting, and report generation.

Roadside Multimedia: Developed and maintained browser-based applications for client websites. Worked on WordPress template creation and plugin development, and database management. Converted Photoshop documents into semantically correct HTML and CSS web pages. Ensured cross-browser compatibility and adhered to modern SEO standards. Customized WordPress, Modx, and Joomla templates.


Portland Guitar Academy Online Learning Suite
(PGAOLS) is an online learning platform for guitar students that I have designed and built from scratch. This tool has been used by hundreds of users and tends of thousands of practice hours have been logged on it. The challenge is to design a learning platform that is fun and intuitive to use and also contains the tools students need in order to become well rounded guitar players.


The entire tool is mobile responsive and it contains many fun and interactive features (as seen below).

Screenshot 2023-08-15 175202.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-15 175448.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-15 175331.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-15 175618.jpg

Graphic Design

Screenshot 2023-08-15 174629.jpg

Game Development

Oceaner: Sonar Nights

This was the first full game I developed using Pico 8.


The game contains over 2000 lines of code, graphics and music made by myself from Jan-March of 2024.

Video Production

Engineering & 3D Modeling

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